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Home- History


The site began in 1950 while the draveurs of the company C.I.P. stopped with their trawler there to spend the night there. At this period, the reservoir was use as wood transportation.

Then, we added some cabins for the fishermen and the place was called "Lake View Lodge" .At the autumn, 1981, the Rainville family (father and sons) became owner. Yvon, his wife Lucie as well as their daughter Sandra, 1-year-old at this time, decide to live there permanently …The first five years were difficult! In 1986, a company is created, we acquire the parts of the parents and we dash by chance into numerous shows of hunting and fish. And it started! Since, the place knew many transformations; we never stop our investment in the compagnie to improve the equipment quality and services offered to raise itself among pourvoiries the most recognized and respected in Quebec and abroad!

In 2006, the pourvoirie count sixteen chalets, 200 campsites, a marina of more than 100 spaces alongside the quay, a convenience store, a resto-bar with terrace with a team of 14 persons to serve you.

In 2010, the pourvoirie is sold to Anik Barrette and Mario Lefebvre with their son Jakob a year and a half and Justin 10 years old.

The reservoir

The reservoir Baskatong was created during the construction of the Mercier Bridge in 1927. It is a real inner sea of 320km2 situated at 3 hours of Montreal and 2 hours of Gatineau or Ottawa. Fishermen and vacationers really appreciate the place < for his beautiful beaches and his numerous islands >.

Since 1998, the reservoir became an Area Faunique Communautaire, a public stretch of water with particular management for the protection and the improvement of the fishing. < And it works! >.

Since 2006, we built a center of interpretation of yellow gilt coupled in the fish farming which everyone can visit for a small sum.

If it is not already made, Baskatong has to be your next destination-journey and you will make as thousands of vacationers who return every year in this magnificent region for adventures and fishing games unforgettable …

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